Moni Kupczak Ainslie

Founder and CEO, Koopslie Consulting

Success Through Marketing

“Success Through Marketing” offers a comprehensive exploration of strategies and trends shaping the future of agri-food marketing. In this session, delve into the core of successful marketing approaches, from harnessing digital technologies to disrupting supply chains and crafting effective communication strategies to engage and educate consumers. This session is an invaluable resource for anyone in the agri-food industry seeking to stay ahead in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of marketing. Join us to position yourself for marketing excellence in 2024.


Moni is a Wholesale and Sales Funnel Expert and a Creative Director. She started her first product business 13 years ago and sold that line to over 100 stores. Her second business grew really quickly and Moni got her products into over 600 stores across Canada, the US, and Japan in just 2 years. Moni has also worked as a Creative Director helping brands grow on Amazon. She’s worked with major brands that are killing it on the international stage. These days Moni combines her 13 years of wholesale experience with sales funnels and creative direction to help awesome brands grow their wholesale on Faire and beyond, so they can stand out to buyers and make more sales! Moni works with brands in CPG, fashion, health, gift and beauty from around the World.

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