Kirk Zembal

Co-founder, Blindman Brewing

Innovation and the Future of Agri-Food

Step into the future of agri-food in this session led by an industry-savvy moderator and featuring diverse panelists. This discussion delves into the latest advancements shaping the agri-food landscape. Explore how breweries are adopting innovative methods to reduce their environmental footprint, through the use of groundbreaking initiatives in repurposing waste from the coffee and craft brewery sectors, and gain insights into the forward-looking strategies employed by agricultural innovators. Join us for a conversation that unravels the threads of technology, sustainability, and the continual evolution of the agri-food domain.


Kirk Zembal is the co-founder of Blindman Brewing out of sunny Lacombe. They are the first brewery in Canada to use a new technology to capture and reuse CO2 produced during fermentation. Blindman Brewing, like their namesake river, meanders—through beer styles and brewing techniques. From kettle-sours to heavily dry-hopped brews to barrel-aged beers, they create innovative, flavourful craft beer. They believe in being at the forefront of new and creative endeavours and in doing things just because folks tell them it can’t be done. Kirk has an MSc from EDHEC in France and an MBA from the U of A and is a 2023 Nuffield Agriculture Scholar. He also blew the engine on their ’79 van, The Dream Machine, on their first delivery run so now they drive in shiny new vehicles with no souls.

Blindman Brewing