Ken Gossen

Executive Director, Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation

Innovation and the Future of Agri-Food

Step into the future of agri-food in this session led by an industry-savvy moderator and featuring diverse panelists. This discussion delves into the latest advancements shaping the agri-food landscape. Explore how breweries are adopting innovative methods to reduce their environmental footprint, through the use of groundbreaking initiatives in repurposing waste from the coffee and craft brewery sectors, and gain insights into the forward-looking strategies employed by agricultural innovators. Join us for a conversation that unravels the threads of technology, sustainability, and the continual evolution of the agri-food domain.

Alberta’s Food and Bio Processing Centres of Excellence

Join Ken Gossen to learn about Alberta’s Food and Bio Processing Centres of Excellence and how the centre supports food and bio product innovation along the full development and commercialization continuum.


Ken Gossen is the Executive Director of the Food and Bio Processing Branch at Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation. Ken has been with the Government of Alberta for almost 30 years holding a variety of positions and culminating with 17 years managing the Food Processing Development Centre, the Agrivalue Business Incubator in Leduc, AB and Bio Industrial Opportunities Section in Edmonton. Before joining Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation, he held a number of progressive positions at Cargill Foods and United Grain Growers. Ken’s extensive experience ranges from working with small to medium size enterprises in a business development capacity to working with multinational firms in investment and policy related issues. Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan.

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