JoAnne Pearce

Vice President, Token Bitters

Opportunities in Beverage Production

This session will uncover the evolving landscape of Alberta’s beverage industry, focusing on the diverse prospects and challenges faced by producers. This panel brings together leaders from various segments of the sector, offering unique perspectives on the rapidly expanding craft distillation, alcohol-free beverages, and brewery domains. The session delves into the intricacies of establishing and scaling beverage operations, and emphasizing the role of innovative strategies in creating consumer brands. Attendees can expect to gain insights into market trends, regulatory landscapes, and the fusion of entrepreneurship and craftsmanship that defines Alberta’s beverage production scene.


When JoAnne Pearce quit drinking and founded Mock-Ups Mocktails in late 2020, she had no idea that she was about to ride the crest of a new industry wave called the ‘Soft Crush’. Since then, the proliferation of the alcohol-free drinks market has brought new opportunity to local growers, producers and manufacturers. In particular, to Token Bitters.

Pearce partnered with Token in early 2021 to release a bottled mocktail product line: Distemperance. In an industry that is already becoming saturated with alcohol-free mojitos and mules, the Distemperance line stands out for one reason: because it spotlights Alberta agriculture in every flavour. With four bottled products already brought to market, and plans to build out their manufacturing capacity in 2024, Pearce and the team at Token Bitters are just getting started.

Token Bitters