Dr. Linda Ho

Food Scientist, NAIT Centre for Culinary Innovation

Value Addition Through Food Processing

This session will explore the critical role of value addition through food processing in the agri-food industry. Our expert panelists, with diverse backgrounds in food science, agricultural engineering, and product development, will delve into the complexities and opportunities within the realm of food processing. Gain insights into innovative approaches that enhance the value of agri-food products and contribute to the industry’s growth and sustainability. Whether you’re involved in product development, quality assurance, or seeking to understand the latest advancements in food processing, this session promises valuable takeaways to elevate your understanding of the agri-food landscape.


Dr. Linda Ho is a Food Scientist with a broad range of experience, from food quality assurance/control and product development to mentoring and lecturing students at post secondary institutions.  Her primary product development focus has been in the exploration of plant-based ingredients, fermentation, understanding their functional inclusion in innovative food products, running sensory evaluation panels, and providing science-based solutions for food companies, ranging from start ups to large corporations.

Centre for Culinary Innovation – NAIT Applied Research