Tom Harrison

Founder, TNT Ecommerce Inc.

Finding Success in International Markets

This session will focus on the complexities and strategies essential for agri-food businesses venturing into the global arena. Our panellists will delve into the intricacies of growing international sales and share key strategies around navigating the evolving world of e-commerce. Finding Success in International Markets offers valuable perspectives about global expansion and will explore the strategic approaches, challenges, and successes in the dynamic landscape of international markets within the agri-food industry.


Tom Harrison is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of TNT Ecommerce, a Calgary, Alberta based Amazon Agency dedicated to growing sales for CPG Food Brands within the Amazon ecosystem across North America. With over eight years of direct selling experience on Amazon, Tom is a recognized expert in e-commerce.

Tom’s passion for selling on Amazon led him to establish two private-label Amazon brands, further enhancing his expertise in Amazon’s algorithms and marketing strategies. Today, his agency is a trusted partner for CPG Food Brands striving for success on the platform.

Before venturing into Amazon consultancy, Tom co-founded a frozen baking dough company in Calgary, Alberta, specializing in fundraising and food service products. This venture not only showcased his skills in production management, branding, and online marketing but also highlighted his unwavering commitment to quality.

Tom’s profound insights and extensive experience empower brands to confidently navigate the competitive Amazon marketplace. His strategic acumen and dedication consistently drive significant growth and success for his clients in the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

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