Hubba Khatoon

Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN),
Regional Innovation Director – Prairies

Next-Generation Food Solutions

In this session, you will learn about Next-Generation Food Solutions in Canada, including sustainable practices, local food systems, technology advancements, and industry trends. Hubba Khatoon will share her unique perspective on the future of food in Canada and globally, highlighting the latest innovations transforming the industry. This session is a must-attend for anyone interested in staying current with food industry developments.


Hubba Khatoon is a Regional Innovation Director for the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN) in Prairies Canada, where she is recognized as a leading figure in Canadian innovation. With her extensive experience in developing economic growth strategies and fostering networks and collaborations, Hubba is renowned for her expertise in convening, advising, pathfinding, and investing in innovation ecosystems. Having previously worked as an economic development synergist at Calgary Economic Development and Prairies Economic Development Canada, Hubba has a proven track record of driving innovation and economic development in Prairies Canada. She holds a Master’s degree in Economic Policy from the University of Calgary and an Evidence in Public Policy certification from the University of Oxford. At CFIN, Hubba Khatoon is committed to promoting innovation in the food industry by identifying new opportunities, supporting companies in achieving their goals, and cultivating strong partnerships with key stakeholders. Her efforts are focused on driving growth and competitiveness in the Canadian food sector while strengthening its position in the global marketplace.