Lethbridge, Alta. (May 15, 2024) – Agri-Food Innovation Expo, hosted by Lethbridge & District Exhibition, is back for its second year, and will be held from November 26-28, 2024, at the Agri-food Hub & Trade Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta. Following the success of its inaugural event, this year’s expo promises to be even more impactful, catering to agri-food businesses, producers, processors, farmers, and industry professionals.

This year, the event will be centred around two important themes: helping agri-food businesses build their toolkit for success and creating a space for the industry to build a community of collaboration. Attendees can expect a dynamic lineup of educational sessions featuring world-class speakers, hands-on workshops designed to provide actionable insights and assets that can be immediately applied to their businesses, and an increase in networking opportunities.

Keynote speaker Peter Chapman, founder of SKUFood, captures the essence of the event’s mission, stating, “Innovation is powerful in food and beverage. It is even more powerful when you can get customers and consumers to understand the value your innovation brings to them.”

Dave Fiddler, senior advisor to the conference, emphasizes the importance of the expo, stating, “Agri-Food Innovation Expo serves as a catalyst for transformative change, providing a platform for industry players to network, learn about the latest in agri-food innovation, and propel the sector forward.”

Amidst economic transitions and the need for diversification, the expo stands as a beacon of opportunity for Alberta’s agri-food industry. Recognizing the sector’s potential, the expo aligns with Alberta’s long-term strategic vision for sustainable growth.

Supported by an economic impact study, which highlights the critical role of the agri-food industry in uplifting Alberta’s economy, the expo underscores the significance of investing in innovation and fostering a culture of collaboration within the sector.

Join Agri-Food Innovation Expo as they chart the course for the future of Alberta’s agri-food industry and pave the way for growth and prosperity.


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About Agri-Food Innovation Expo: Agri-Food Innovation Expo will be held November 26, 27, and 28, 2024, at Lethbridge & District Exhibition in Lethbridge, Alberta, and is a collaboration between Lethbridge & District Exhibition and Westerner Park, alternating between venues each year. This conference is a hub for agri-food businesses to discover new tools to help grow and diversify their businesses. It is a gathering place for businesses to connect with like-minded experts across different agri-food sectors to foster innovation and growth within the agri-food landscape. Visit to learn more.